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  •   End of an Era
    Posted on 2017-04-30 15:00:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    End of an Era - Asheron's Call shut down

    After a good long run, from 11/25/2005 until 1/31/2017, TrophyHunter tracked a lot of kills and trophy pickups in Asheron's Call.
    The data ingestion/processing pipeline is shut down, so the data is frozen in time, as is. It will stay alive in read-only format for as long as i feel like leaving the site up.

    I'm working on a long post-mortem for both PKHutner and TrophyHunter, but for now, here are some interesting final stats:

    Players who used the plug-in1095
    Total Trophy Pickups1,839,420
    Total Kills17,084,948

    I know that people are working on emulators and trying to keep AC alive, which is nice. AC always had a great community.If anyone gets some kind of server set up, and Decal working there, i could probably be convinced to turn processingback on.

    In the mean time, if you want to use the collected data for monsters, pickups, and locations, I have a mysql dump file that anyone can use to populate spawn locations or set drop rates. If you use it, please drop me a line and let me know what you use it for and where, so I can come see too!

    Top 10 Monsters, Trophies, and Players


    #Monster Deaths
    2Diseased Phyntos Wasp1005557
    4Olthoi Slayer869488
    5Olthoi Swarm Eviscerator805549
    6Ravenous Eater794932
    7Olthoi Warrior749009
    8Pestilence Rat624712
    9Olthoi Ripper570386
    10Tusker Sycophant525057


    #Trophy Drops
    1Tusker Spit524907
    2Pyre Shroud132122
    3Sturdy Steel Key93969
    4Coalesced Aetheria88385
    5Great Cave Penguin Egg72066
    6Coalesced Mana65672
    7Pyre Skeleton Jaw59652
    8Sturdy Iron Key57789
    9Olthoi Slayer Carapace40634
    10Scarlet Red Letter35749


    #Player Kills
    1Sima Shi1902611
    2Jia Xu1332574
    3Jedi yoda984691
    6Child of Fire439184
    7Husband V389535
    8Deng Ai351341

    3288 unique Monsters, killed 17084948 times.  626 unique Trophies, picked up 1839420 times.
    1095 unique users have killed 17084949 monsters and picked up 1839419 trophies

    Last update processed 1 records submitted by 1 users, included 3 kills, 0 trophies, and took 0.75 seconds.
    Last update was at 02:34 pm on Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 (Statistics are updated hourly, or whenever Johnus feels like it!)