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  • Description:

    Trophy Hunter is a Decal Plugin for Asheron's Call that can automatically keep track of all the kills you get and trophies you pick up while playing AC.

    It also has features to allow you to record trophy drops and see the percentage of drops that you are seeing.

    With the "online" features of Trophy Hunter enabled, the plugin also submits all of your kills and trophy pickups (for trophies the website cares about! you can still have it notify you about anything else you want!) to the website, so that everyone can see what monsters drop what trophies.

    Trophy Hunter automatically tracks kills and trophy pickups out of corpses! If you have those options turned on, anyway!

    And with the "online" features of Trophy Hunter enabled, you don't have to add any trophies by hand either! As long as you have the "Notify" column checked for a trophy on the Online tab, it will be added automatically under a monster as soon as you pick it up!

    Note! the Online features are disabled by default! To turn them on, check the checkbox on the online tab, then relog. In you go!

    By Monster Page showing session kills
    By Monster page showing session XP

    By Trophy page

    What it does:

    While the plugin is running (and "Automatically track kills" is checked), the plugin will increment the kill count for whatever mob you just killed. If you've never killed the mob (and "Auto add unknown monsters after kill" is checked), the mob will automatically be added to the list.

    If "move newest kill to top of the list" is checked, items will move to the top of the list as they are killed (items at the top of the list will be your most recent kills.

    To add a new trophy, click on the mob that dropped it (it will turn green to indicate that it is selected, then click the "Trophy" button. this will add a new trophy item underneath the selected mob. If you get a trophy that is already in the list, click on that trophy, then click the "+" button.

    The "+" and "-" button add and subtract one from the count of the selected item. The "D" button deletes the selected trophy or monster.

    To add a monster that you haven't killed, enter its name in the text box, and click "Monster". This will create a new monster in the list. You can then press "+" and "-" to change the count.

    The "By Trophy" page (shown in the pic above) shows trophies as they've been dropped by mobs. This list automatically updates with changes to the "By Monster" page. There is no way to modify the list as shown in the "By Trophy" page.

    To sort the monster or trophy pages, just click on the header of the column you want to sort by. Click the column again to reverse the sort.

    Trophy notifications in chat window

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    For more info, see the Trophy Hunter Boards

    Options Page Add a new monster Trophy Hunter Online Page
    3288 unique Monsters, killed 17084948 times.  626 unique Trophies, picked up 1839420 times.
    1095 unique users have killed 17084949 monsters and picked up 1839419 trophies

    Last update processed 1 records submitted by 1 users, included 3 kills, 0 trophies, and took 0.75 seconds.
    Last update was at 02:34 pm on Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 (Statistics are updated hourly, or whenever Johnus feels like it!)